Today’s Schedule (8/26)

  • 8/26-Northside- Advantage Health Solutions-9025 River Rd-11am-1:30pm Lucky Louie’s
  • 8/26-Park 100- Interactive Intelligence-7602 Woodland Dr- 11am-1:30pm Spicebox
  • 8/26-Downtown-Angie’s List-1030 E Washington St (in back)-11am-1:30pm Twisted Sicilian
  • 8/26-Castleton-Allison Pointe-8470 Allison Pointe Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Pocaddio
  • 8/26-Northwest- Intech-6550 Telecom Way-11am-1:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 8/26-Northside-Meridian Corporate Plaza-401 Pennsylvania Pkwy-11am-1:30pm Greiner’s Subs
  • 8/26-#Carmel-#Clustertruck Carmel-2700 W 116th St-6pm-9pm Taste of the Caribbean, Lucky Louie’s, Gaucho’s Fire
  • 8/26-Zionsville-Advent Lutheran Church-11250 N Michigan Rd-5pm-8pm Serendipity, Big Ron’s Bistro
  • 8/26-Downtown-Sun King Brewing-Story Tellers of Indiana-7pm-9pm Byrne’s Grilled Pizza
  • 8/26-Downtown-Residence Inn Canal-350 W New York St-6pm-8:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen

3 thoughts on “Today’s Schedule (8/26)

  1. Two weeks in a row we were supposed to have trucks come to Park 100 and they didn’t show up. We walked out there to go get some food and there were no trucks. Can you please have your trucks update this site or notify someone in some way instead of just not showing up with no notice?

    • Anna, we updated fb and twitter and the truck was to update on their social media. They broke down in route to location. Sorry, we will try to update this also. It was an oversight

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