This Week’s Schedule (8/24-8/30)

  • 8/26-Northside- Advantage Health Solutions-9025 River Rd-11am-1:30pm Lucky Louie’s
  • 8/26-Park 100- Interactive Intelligence-7602 Woodland Dr- 11am-1:30pm Spicebox
  • 8/26-Downtown-Angie’s List-1030 E Washington St (in back)-11am-1:30pm Twisted Sicilian
  • 8/26-Castleton-Allison Pointe-8470 Allison Pointe Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Pocaddio
  • 8/26-Northwest- Intech-6550 Telecom Way-11am-1:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 8/26-Northside-Meridian Corporate Plaza-401 Pennsylvania Pkwy-11am-1:30pm Greiner’s Subs
  • 8/26-#Carmel-#Clustertruck Carmel-2700 W 116th St-6pm-9pm Taste of the Caribbean, Lucky Louie’s, Gaucho’s Fire
  • 8/26-Zionsville-Advent Lutheran Church-11250 N Michigan Rd-5pm-8pm Serendipity, Big Ron’s Bistro
  • 8/26-Downtown-Sun King Brewing-Story Tellers of Indiana-7pm-9pm Byrne’s Grilled Pizza
  • 8/26-Downtown-Residence Inn Canal-350 W New York St-6pm-8:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
  • 8/27-Northside-Firestone-250 W 96th St-11am-1:30pm Gaucho’s Fire
  • 8/27-#Carmel-Allegion-11819 N Pennsylvania (in back)-11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
  • 8/27-Fortune Circle-CBRE-2601 Fortune Cir E Dr-11am-1:30pm Greiner’s Subs
  • 8/27-#IUPUI-#Clustertruck Riley Hospital-Treat Yourself Lunch-635 Barnhill Rd-11am-1:30pm Twisted Sicilian, Chef Dan’s, Pi & The Flying Cupcake
  • 8/27-Park 100-Corporate Center North-6026 Lakeside Blvd-11:30am-1pm Pocaddio
  • 8/27-Irvington-#Clustertruck Irvington-Ellenberger Park-5301 E St. Clair St-6pm-9pm Seoulrito, Taste of the Caribbean, Greiner’s Subs, Big Ron’s Bistro, Natural Born Juicers
  • 8/27-Northside-Geico-101 W 103rd St-5pm-8:30pm Pocaddio
  • 8/28-#Carmel-ITT- 13085 Hamilton Crossing Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
  • 8/28-Downtown-#Clustertruck Georgia St-W Block-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s, Seoulrito, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Spice Box, Big Ron’s Bistro, Citizen Hash, Lucky Louies, Greiner’s Subs, Simple & Good, Gaucho’s Fire & The Flying Cupcake
  • 8/28-Meridian Kessler-#Clustertruck Riviera Club-5640 N Illinois St-6pm-8:30pm The Taste of the Caribbean, Seoulrito
  • 8/29-Northside-Geico-101 W 103rd St-11am-2pm-Pi
  • 8/29-Northside-Ed Martin Acura-3800 E 96th St-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s
  • 8/29-Avon-Avon Community Day-Avon Community Day-7575 E County Rd 150 South-5pm-8pm Der Pretzel Wagen, Taste of the Caribbean, Groovy Guys Fries, KG Slider Station, Big Ron’s Bistro, The Flying Cupcake
  • 8/29-56th & Binford- St Matthew’s Catholic Fundraiser-4100 E 56th St-5pm-8pm Serendipity, Seoulrito, Greiner’s Subs, The Flying Cupcake
  • 8/30-New Pal-Bug Fest-Southeast Way Park-5624 S. Carroll Road-1pm-5pm Greiner’s Subs, Serendipity, Nicey Treats

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