What started out as 1 #Clustertruck in 2012 with 8 trucks has turned into Indy Food Truck Alliance. We have now have 18 member trucks., We can coordinate a food truck to your location for daily, weekly or monthly service. For larger needs, we can schedule a “Clustertruck”(multiple trucks). We can also coordinate a food truck event for your special occasion.



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  1. We have a company event at Carey Ridge Elem on Oct 4 and would like to give the 125 attendees food vouchers to purchase his/her choice of lunch. I would hope to have 3 food trucks as we have a variety of food interests and dietary needs (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian). Could you provide feedback of recommendations to fit our need that day? Thanks!

  2. No, but it was a reply to the finger foodie truckcomment about where to find them. They are not part of the alliance and do not show up on any Indianapolis food truck list.

  3. Hello IFTA,

    I was wondering if you are capable of having multiple food trucks (3-4) come 3 times a week consistently to Indiana University when school is in session. I was also hoping to get some information on how the pricing would work with that.

    Thanks You

    • Can you send an email to info@indyfta.com with the details you are looking for. I am not familiar with Bloomington’s food truck laws, but I have heard it is difficult to work in Bloomington. We would also need to look at getting health permits in Bloomington.

      • Currently this idea is just hypothetical. So I was mainly curious on how the pricing would work. For instance, is there a fee for trucks to drive to a location and an hourly fee as well?

      • It would depend on the situation. Catered vs Vending. Catered would be prepaid, where x-amount of sales would pre-determined. Vending all the risk would be on the trucks, so it would need to be a solid event with minimal risk to drive all the way down there. Hope that helps, at the end of the day, each truck is different, so each one would have different requirements.

  4. There is metered parking along both sides of the street on Illinois. Other food trucks have been onsite, like Box Burger, Dhaba Indy,Taste of the Caribbean and Gaucho’s Fire (once). It would be nice to get some of the other trucks on the rotation.

  5. Hello! We feel a food truck might be a perfect addition to our upcoming event.

    The event is a stop on the 50 state tour of BarkAID in which a team of 2 stylists cross the country in 50 days cutting hair with the entire proceeds going to the hosting animal rescue. Helping PAWS, Indianapolis, has both stops in Indy to host and this is our first year hosting but the 5th year for this national event.

    Looking to find out information on having your truck at our event. The event would be in Headcase Salon, 14701 Cumberland rd in Noblesville IN 8/21 and at Paul Mitchell’s School, 8751 US 31 Highway South in Indianapolis 46227 on 8/22. Event attendees would be purchasing your merchandise at the fundraiser. I would say at minimum 50 and at maximum — more? Hard to know how the event will be received at each site. We have 11,608 followers on our Facebook page that follow our events. We will be promoting it so we can promote any participating vendors or food truck as well on Helping PAWS web site. The event will run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. They will cut hair as long as the salon will remain open and there is hair to cut. We are looking to provide a maybe one truck 11-2, or possibly a truck 3-6? Is this an event you would be interested in supplying a truck for and if so, what location and what time slot would you be interested in?

    We hope it is hugely successful and that we can be a yearly stop for this 50 haircuts in 50 days event benefiting the animals. Check BarkAid out on Facebook. It’s an exciting event!

    Please let me know how this works. Thanks.

    Charlene Kallach
    Helping Paws Rescue

  6. Do the food trucks do any kind of fundraising? Our school is having a Fall Festival and are thinking of having food trucks out?

  7. This sounds awesome! I do have a couple questions: Is there a fee to have the trucks come to a workplace for a lunch event? Do individuals pay per order or is there a prepaid option? Typically how many trucks come or is that up to the client?

  8. Hello

    I am starting a new food truck. I have the truck and it is getting built right now.

    I am struggling to find a commissary. Do you have any suggestions?

    I thought I was in the process of signing your one but the health department says they are at capacity and cannot take any more food trucks this year.

    I would appreciate any help or advice I can get.

    Thank you.

    Do you have any recommendations? I do not know anyone in the restaurant business or any other good truck owners and am just trying to get my foot in the door.

  9. I see you go to IUPUI. I am setting up an event at IUPUI in November. What is your November schedule?How do I set it up so I issue food truck vouchers to attendees?


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