This Week’s Schedule (5/29-6/4)

  • Scheduled to Appear. Please confirm with individual trucks
  • 5/31-#Indy-Northside-Meridian Corporate Plaza-401 Pennsylvania Pkwy-11am-1:30pm The Grub House
  • 5/31 -#Indy-Eastside-#Clustertruck IU Health Revenue Services-250 Shadeland Ave-11am-1:30pm Johnson’s BBQ, Gaucho’s Fire
  • 5/31-#Indy-Fortune Park-Ascension Health-4040 Vincennes Rd-11am-1:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 5/31-#Indy-Downtown-Adult/Child Center-603 E Washington St-11am-1:30pm Greiner’s Subs
  • 5/31-#Indy-Downtown-Angie’s List-1030 E Washington St (in back) 11am-1:30pm Citizen Hash
  • 5/31-#Carmel-Meridian Mark 1&2-11611 N Meridian St- 11am-1:30pm Muay Thai
  • 5/31-#Indy-Northside-Woodfield Xing-8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd-11am-1:30pm Poccadio
  • 6/1 -#Carmel-Allegion-11819 N Pennsylvania (in back)-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s
  • 6/1-#Indy-Downtown-Lockerbie Market Place-350 E New York St-11am-1:30pm Johnson’s BBQ
    6/1-#IUPUI-#Clustertruck Riley Hospital-Treat Yourself Lunch-635 Barnhill Rd-11am-1:30pm Greiner’s Subs, KG Slider Station, Nacho Mama’s, Scouts Treats
    6/1-#Indy-Park Fletcher-AFLAC-2601 Fortune Cir-11am-1:30pm Lucky Louie’s
  • 6/1-#Indy-Park 100-Stericycle-6026 Lakeside Blvd-11am-1:30pm The Grub House
  • 6/1-#Carmel-Meridian Plaza 2&310333 N Meridian St- 11am-1:30pm Poccadio
  • 6/1-#Indy-Irvington-#Clustertruck Irvington-Ellenberger Park-5301 E St Clair St- 6pm-9pm KG Slider Station, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Lucky Louie’s, Der Pretzel Wagen, Scout Treats
  • 6/2-#Carmel-Hamilton Crossing-Adesa-13085 Hamilton Crossing Blvd-11am-1:30pm Serendipity Trailer
  • 6/2-#Indy-Downtown-#Clustertruck Georgia St-201 S Capitol-11am-1:30pm Lucky Louie’s, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Citizen Hash, Serendipity, Greiner’s Subs, Big Ron’s Bistro, Poccadio, Which Wich, The Grub House, Chef Dan’s, Gaucho’s Fire, Flying Cupcake
  • 6/2-#Indy-Guion Creek-Herff Jones-4501 W 62nd St-11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
  • 6/3-#Carmel-GEICO-101 W 103rd St-11am-1:30pm Gaucho’s Fire
  • 6/3-#Noblesville-Federal Hill Commons-701 Cicero Rd-7pm-9pm Lucky Louie’s, Which Wich

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Schedule (5/29-6/4)

  1. Are these events open to the public? A lot of the events appear to be at places of business and I assume they are meant to be for those business’s employees.

    My employer hires food trucks a few times per summer and they pay for our food. I was wondering if the events on your schedule are like that or if anyone can go?

    • Zoe, a lot of our locations are vend locations, where the company allows us to promote the location, as they are not purchasing anything for the employees. We have others where they want it “private” for there employees only, where they are paying, so we don’t promote it via social media. We discuss that in our initial conversations with each client.

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