This Week’s Schedule (10/20-10/26)

  • 10/21-Northwest-Northwest Technology Center-6100 W 96th St-11am-1:30pm Big Ron’s Bistro, Scout’s Treats
  • 10/22-Northside- Advantage Health Solutions-9025 River Rd-11am-1:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 10/22-Park 100-Interactive Intelligence-7602 Woodland Dr-11am-1:30pm Scratchtruck
  • 10/22-Downtown-Angie’s List-1030 E Washington St (in back)-11am-1:30pm Cutie Pies Pizza
  • 10/22-Northwest-#Clustertruck Intech-6550 Telecom Way-11am-1:30pm Mac Genie, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Scout’s Treats
  • 10/22-Northside-Meridian Corporate Plaza-401 Pennsylvania Pkwy-11am-1:30pm Duos
  • 10/22-#Carmel-Next Gear Capital-11799 N College Ave-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s
  • 10/23-Northside-Firestone-250 W 96th St-11am-1:30pm Serendipity
  • 10/23-#Carmel-Allegion-11819 N Pennsylvania (in back)-11am-1:30pm Scratchtruck
  • 10/23-Northside-#Clustertruck Precedent-3850 Priority Way S- 11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen, Duos, Citizen Hash, Taste of the Caribbean & Scout’s Treats
  • 10/23-Northside-Waterpark Place-8925 N Meridian St-11am-1:30pm Cutie Pies Pizza
  • 10/24-Northside- HH Gregg Corp-4151 E 96th St-11am-1:30pm Mac Genie
  • 10/24-Northside-#Clustertruck Keystone Xing-9000 Keystone Crossing-11am-1:30pm R&R Extreme Wings, Der Pretzel Wagen, Taste of the Caribbean, General American Donut
  • 10/24-Northeast-John Strange Elem Fundraiser-3660 E 62nd St-5pm-8pm- Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Chef Dan’s, Der Pretzel Wagen, The Flying Cupcake
  • 10/25-Irvington-Irvington Halloween Festival-Audubon Rd-10am-5pm-Duos, Serendipity, Retro 101, Big Ron’s Bistro, The Flying Cupcake, Genie’s Closet, The NY Slice, Citizen Hash, Chef Dan’s, Taste of the Caribbean, Bark Truck, Scout’s Treats, Scratchtruck, Der Pretzel Wagen, Mac Genie, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza
  • 10/25-Northside-Ed Martin Acura-3800 E 96th St-11am-1:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 10/25-Irvington-Circle City Derby Girls@ Ellenberger Park-5301 E St Clair St-5pm-8:30pm The NY Slice, Spice Box

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