Today’s Schedule (9/23)

  • 9/23-#Indy-Methodist Hospital-1701 North Senate Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen, Chef Dan’s, Citizen Hash
  • 9/23-#Indy-Guion Creek-Herff Jones-4501 W 62nd St-11am-1:30pm Poccadio
  • 9/23-#Indy-Downtown-Market Tower-10 W Market St-11am-1:30pm Scratchtruck
  • 9/23-#Indy-Northside-North Central Homecoming-1801 E 86th St-5pm-7pm Lucky Louies, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Big Ron’s Bistro, Serendipity Trailer

2 thoughts on “Today’s Schedule (9/23)

  1. chef dans truck came last and completely blocked the view of the other two trucks today at Methodist hospital. I kindly asked them to move a bit so the other trucks could get customers. The man in charge said they were unable to do so. Rude.

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