This Week’s Schedule (10/26-11/1)

  • 10/28-Northside- Advantage Health Solutions-9025 River Rd-11am-1:30pm Serendipity
    10/28-Park 100- Interactive Intelligence-7602 Woodland Dr- 11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
    10/28-Downtown-Angie’s List-1030 E Washington St (in back)-11am-1:30pm Scratchtruck
    10/28-Castleton-Allison Pointe-8470 Allison Pointe Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Lucky Louie’s
    10/28-Northwest- Intech-6550 Telecom Way-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s
    10/28-Northside-Meridian Corporate Plaza-401 Pennsylvania Pkwy-11am-1:30pm Big Ron’s Bistro
    10/28-Northside-Indiana Hemo & Thrombosis- 8326 Naab Rd-11am-1:30pm Pi
  • 10/28-Northside-Geico-101 W 103rd St-5pm-8:30pm KG Slider Station
  • 10/28-Northside-Homewood Suites-2501 E 86th St-5pm-7pm Big Ron’s Bistro
  • 10/29-‪#‎IUPUI‬-Van Nuys Medical Building-635 Barnhill Rd-7:30am-9:30am Dancing Donut
    10/29-#Carmel-Allegion-11819 N Pennsylvania (in back)-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s
  • 10/29-Fortune Circle-CBRE-2601 Fortune Cir Dr E-11am-1:30pm Serendipity
  • 10/29-Northside-#Clustertruck Precedent-3850 Priority Way South Drive-11am-1:30pm Citizen Hash, Taste of the Caribbean
    10/29-#IUPUI-#Clustertruck Riley Hospital-Treat Yourself Lunch-635 Barnhill Rd-11am-1:30pm Poccadio, Dhaba Indy, Scout’s Treats
    10/29-College Park-Republic Airways-8909 Purdue Rd-11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
    10/29-Northside-Geico-101 W 103rd St-5pm-8:30pm Chef Dan’s
  • 10/30-#Carmel-ITT- 13085 Hamilton Crossing Blvd- 11am-1:30pm Gaucho’s Fire
    10/30-Northside-#Clustertruck Keystone Xing-9000 Keystone Crossing-11am-1:30pm Citizen Hash, Taste of the Caribbean
    10/30-Eastside-Ameripath- 2560 Shadeland Ave-11am-1:30pm Der Pretzel Wagen
    10/30-Downtown-Chase Bank-Monument Circle-11am-1:30pm Chef Dan’s, Dhaba Indy, Scratchtruck
  • 10/30-Meridan Kessler-#Clustertruck Riviera Club-5640 N Illinois St Gaucho’s Fire, Greiner’s Subs
  • 10/31-Northside-Ed Martin Acura-3800 96th St-11am-1:30pm Twisted Sicilian
  • 10/31-Irvington-Irvington Halloween Festival-Audubon & Jullian-10am-5pm Big Ron’s Bistro, Scratchtruck, Gaucho’s Fire, Dhaba Indy, Poccadio, Serendipity, Taste of the Caribbean, Der Pretzel Wagen, Chef Dan’s, Citizen Hash, Groovy Guys Fries, The Flying Cup, The Dancing Donut, KG Slider Station, Duos, Greiner’s Subs, Johnson’s BBQ, Pi

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